Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jeremy Lin- "Linsanity!"


I don't know if you guys have heard about this news, but do you know who the best basketball player is right now? No, not Kobe Bryant, no not Kevin Durant, and no not Lebron James.. Well, who is it then?

New York Knicks- Jeremy Lin
Chinese basketball player, JEREMY LIN! Woah, you must be thinking, an asian? Yes, you got it, NY Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin has been tearing it up on the court this past week. He crushed the Wizards, and crushed the Lakers. Now, if you don't know too much about basketball, you probably know who Kobe Bryant or Lebron James is.. BUT, you probably don't know who Jeremy Lin is.. Well, this guy (of Taiwanese or Chinese descent) went from bench-warmer to ESPN headliner in just one week. He graduated from Harvard.. yes Harvard and has been on ESPN every other 10 seconds. Yes, I may be exaggerating, but trust me, go on or turn on your TV and try finding him.

When I first heard this astonishing news I was like "WOAH! YEAH!" Do you know why? We finally have another Asian sports player making us Asians look good. Remember Yao Ming, I was so sad when he retired.. But dang, J Lin has definitely raised the bar. Here's a video to prove my whole two-paragraph exaggeration on this wonderful guy.


  1. Bro, this guy is SICK! I watch him all the time, Representing the Asians(: