Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fails and Wins #1

What's up fellow Asians,


Today, I would like to show you a failure, yes, a failure of an ASIAN, yes an Asian, on America's Got Talent, 2010. This was a funny audition, but I really felt bad for him because he got the Triple X's by the judges. I know this was old, I just thought I might share it with you to show that sometimes, Asians are not perfect.


And now, the WIN! This win is an Asian Improv group playing pranks on businessmen in an alleyway. It shows the lone businessman walking across the alley, when suddenly, the large, funny Asian group runs toward the businessman and pretends to chase him. This group of Asians are a WIN in my book because they know how to prank people in the right way.


Luke and Lawson

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