Saturday, March 17, 2012

How To Tell if You're Asian

Hey you.. yeah you!

Do you want to tell if your Asian? At least on the inside? Well.. you have come to the right place. Answer these short questions to tell if you are one of us.

1. Do you eat rice everyday? Y/N

2. Do you have a relative (with the exception of your siblings or parents) living with you in your Asian-like dwelling? Y/N

3. Ever take a whole bunch of napkins or ketchup packs from fast-food restaurants to save for later? Y/N

4. Do you have black hair? Y/N

5. Do you have tan skin? Y/N

6. Do your parents get mad at you if  you get a B+ or below in ANY one of your school subjects? Y/N

7. Do you absolutely love math? Does it come natural to you? Y/N

8. Have you ever been in Asia? Y/N

9. Are you a perfectionist? Do you stress even the littlest things? E.X. Having a speck of dirt on your shirt. Y/N

10. Does ANY one of your relatives have an Asian accent? Y/N

11. Have you ever brought Asian food to school for lunch? Y/N

12. Like chess? Y/N

13. Can you speak or understand Asian languages? Y/N

14. Do you get excited when an Asian gets famous, or does something awesome? E.X. Jeremy Lin shoots a buzzer-beater. Y/N

15. Do you or your relatives watch Asian soap-operas? (Kinda for the girls..) Y/N

16. Do you know how to use chopsticks? Y/N

Thanks for reading and answering all of that. Now, to see if your Asian, look at the test scores below.

If you answered "Yes" to-

0 Questions: You definitely, not at all, even the slightest amount, Asian-like.
1-5 Questions: I would describe you as a Cauc... Asian. Cauc-Asian.
6-10 Questions: You're at least a little bit Asian..
11-14 Questions: WINNER! WINNER! Hey, there's an Asian buffet over there.. I'll RICE you to it!!!! Rice/Race? Get it? No? Ok I'll go back to doing my Calculus homework.
15+ Questions: Are you.. Bruce Lee? No.. you kind of look like Jackie Chan.. no wait.. Are you that one Korean Popstar.. Wait a minute.. Hold up.. You're just too Asian, NINJA!


ASIAN OCCASION (Posted by Luke)


  1. I scored 8...pretty good for a white ginger I guess. :D

  2. Not bad, not bad at all. Wanna be! JKJKJK