Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Madness

Who's excited for March Madness!!! Come on, show your hand!!! Nobody? WTF!!! I'm LIKE SOOOOOOOOOOOO FRICKEN...don't care. We are Asians. If we were watching any basketball, we'd be watching JEREMY LIN!!! Jeremy Lin plays in the NBA, not NCAA. NCAA/March Madness is for black people who actually have relatives that play on the team. We Asians, don't have any family that plays in it so it's not as fun to watch. But if you're Asian and like to watch March Madness, WE, Asian Occasion will be posting the scores (of the Washington Huskies) up because the HUSKIES are I3@I)@$$. If you know what "I3@I)@$$" is, comment below to prove that you know and that you're a boss...I meant EMPLOYEE!!!

love...I meant EMPLOYEE,
Asian Occasion

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