Monday, April 30, 2012

How to Fold a Pyramid Napkin


You may be thinking, "Napkin Folding? HAHAHA!!!" or "What the heck?" Yeah, that's why Lawson and I are so desperate to find ideas to post.


Anyways, napkin folding may come in handy. For instance, when you are older and you are preparing dinner with your fiance, wouldn't you want to make a good impression and show her proper napkin folding? Or when you finally have a high-school job, maybe working in Olive Garden or something, and you wanna prove to your manager that you are a good employee and deserve a raise. Well, I am proud to present a post on how to fold a pyramid napkin.

Let's get things started. (You can practice at home when eating dinner with family. ;D)

Napkin Fold #1

1. Unfold the whole napkin and lay it front of you. Like a boss.

Napkin Fold #2

2. Fold the napkin in half diagonally. I'm talking about that right, acute angle triangle you come across in math class. Oh yeaaaaah.

Napkin Fold #3

3. Rotate the napkin so the open end (the point) faces away from you. I'm talking about that 90 degree angle rotation you practice in math class. I love math class.

Napkin Fold #4

4. Fold the right edge and align in with the top edge. It should form a center-line.

Napkin Fold #5

5. Repeat step 4, but this time, with the left side. When it's not right, it's left.
See what I did there?

Napkin Fold #6

6. Turn the napkin over, keeping the open edge away from you.

Napkin Fold #7

7. Next, fold the napkin in half by bringing the farthest point of the diamond to the nearest point.
Napkin Fold #8

8. Flip the napkin over, but this time, keeping the open edge facing towards you.

Folded Napkin

9. Fold the napkin along the center seam and look at your work of art, a nice, half-pyramid napkin fit for all your formal and casual breakfasts, lunches, brunches, and dinners.


(Posted by Luke)

----Notice how I did not put "Love, Asian Occasion." It's because it's hardcore when it comes to napkin folding, my friends.----


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