Monday, May 21, 2012

The End- Maybe.

Salutations dear kinship and folk,

Tis' Luke here. Unfortunately, I am here to inform you that Asian Occasion may come to an end. I have to admit, all Lawson and I are doing is posting enjoyable posts for the viewer's sake.

Not ours.

Page views? Plummeted.
Posts? Abandoned.
Marketing? Collapsing.

Must I state that "Asian Occasion" is coming to an end? Or can the catastrophic results speak for their selves?

Well, I can exaggerate a bit, but you can see my point. We may be getting to that point where you're watching a movie, and it constantly bores you, and wait for a relieving "THE END."

But I'm also getting to that feeling where I MUST say goodbye. Take a butterfly, for example. It cannot stay in it's cocoon forever. IT MUST FLY AND SPREAD ITS WINGS.

(Sorry, a little exaggerated.)

Another thing, Lawson and I have decided to sell Asian Occasion.

How much?

$20-$50 dollars. Prices range. (Kind of sounded like those annoying infomercials.)

Can we rescue ASIAN OCCASION?

I don't know. Seriously. Unless we get 50 more followers and 2,000 more pageviews, I have to say no.

Well, that's all. If you're feeling kind of sad that Asian Occasion is coming to an end right now, then, it is safe to say that I am feeling a tad gloomy as well.

That may be you right now. Confused, frustrated, outraged, bummed out. Or this picture of this Asian baby made you smile. It could go either way.


"Is this it? Is this the END OF ASIAN OCCASION?"


"It is."


"Lawson and I are starting to fail at getting followers, page views, and earning money. BUT there may be a way, we may start over. It's confusing."

Sigh. "Oh well. I'll see you guys. You were awesome."


Whatever you think about it, leave it in the comments below. I know we don't get any comments from people, so what I am saying may be useless. Please leave a comment, though, just to get our hopes up. ('-')

(-_(-_(-_-)_-)_-) "ROLL OUT, YELLOW CREW."


Luke and Lawson

P.S. Your probably thinking that we were joking. We are not.

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