Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Music: Dubstep and Why it Appeals

Alloooo guys,

Sitting here in my Asian house, I wondered, "Why does dubstep attract many people?" "What's so special about dubstep?"

Well, I decided to see for myself and I listened to a few dubstep songs. And after that, I concluded that dubstep was a breed of electro/FX/very-big-bass-drops sort of thing. But, why does dubstep attract so many listeners?

I feel that many people listen to dubstep because of its loud, free rhythmic beats and sound effects that create such great vibes in the air. "What's not to like?" Many people say.

Dubstep creates chaos in your ears. Many people like it because just of the "wob-wob-wob" effect it has in the song. I compare dubstep to transformers fighting. Or making love. Or even both.

If you listen to this with Beats audio, Bose, or some other great headphone out there, I've heard the dubstep will vibrate. Only on full blast.

What do you think?

Does dubstep make you feel good or do you think it is just really annoying pointless noises.