Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Plastic Bieber Outrage

Hi guys,

Today I am going to be discussing with you a topic our young generation faces. Have you ever heard of the Twitter account by the name of @PlasticBieber?

If you have heard of PlasticBieber, she is

Notice how I didn't finish that last sentence. This is how cruel this person is. Since I'm feeling lazy today read the "rant" below about PlasticBieber from YahooAnswers.

"Plastic Bieber is this 11 year old girl named Jessica, I believe that's her name?
If you seach her on Twitter and read her tweets, you'll hate her too.
She's freaking 11 and she acts like that.
Like, really, what has society come to?
She's a slutty, b**tchy, wh**e. Not even joking.
She tweets about how she has unprotected sex and she tweets basically hate to One Direction, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and more.
I'll give you some examples.
You know how Demi used to cut herself? Plastic Bieber tweeted, "I understand why Demi Lovato did self harm. I mean, if I looked like her, I would too"
Like, really *****?
She says she's the worlds biggest belieber and calls herself a Twitter Princess.
She posted a tweet saying, "You're all just fat and jealous that I'm a white princess," followed by a picture of some model who looks nowhere near her.
We know it's not really her because we've seen pics of her on her tumblr.
Another example.
She's insanely racist.
Just type @PlasticBieber on twitter and scroll through her tweets and I gaurantee you will want to strangle her."


Sorry for all those unneccesary words (and typos, man I hate typos). I didn't write that so I had to bleep stuff out.

I dare you to look up PlasticBieber on twitter and read her tweets. It was a dare, but you don't really have to do it.

Anywho, people like PlasticBieber in this world really make me mad. If PlasticBieber REALLY is an 11 year old, this upsets me. Many youth these days lose their virginity at early ages, take drugs, and give up on school.

I don't mean hate or anything like that, I just wanted to point out examples of people like PlasticBieber and remind you that next time you are faced with sinful temptations, choose the right decision.

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