Monday, September 3, 2012

Current Events #1 A

Hello everyone, as you can see, we are back. I can't wait to continue blogging!!! I hope y'all are also very excited. If you're not, hopefully, this will get y'all pumped up.
Hahaha, that may have worked for you. It certainly did for me! :) Anyways... 
I am starting a new series of posts that will be about recent news; a.k.a Current Events. There will be three parts: A, B, and C. The first one will be from around here, local news, then something in our country and finally, something that is/was happening in our world. 

A: 40 Days Without Rain! Seattle 11 Days From Record Dry Spell.
It has not rained in Seattle since July 22nd! WTF, is this so called, "global warming" FOR REALZZZ?!?! Seattle's record of no rain is 51 days; that's a little over a month and a half and this is 1951 we are talking about. If you grew up in Seattle area, you know this doesn't happen very frequently; it has hailed in MAY! This weather is not very consistant. I know most kids don't like news, but I bet you were BLOWN AWAY when you read this. I didn't really notice it until I was told by my dad.

There's part one for y'all. HMU with some feedback...(did that make sense???) :)

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