Monday, October 8, 2012

Lawson's journal for his trip to Turkey Day 8

Day 8: I’m not even going to repeat this part but you know what it is, wake up, breakfast, back to room. We had to pack to change hotels. The hotel we were staying at was actually really nice, it was a five star hotel but since we were in Santorini, baba and mom decided for us to try the cave hotels. I didn’t know how I felt about that, there was nothing wrong with staying where we were staying and that way, we didn’t have to pack but I also wanted to try the traditional hotels here. They are pretty much caves dug into the mountain; actually, the whole city is like that.
Being smart people, my parents told us to only bring a set of clothes to put in here bag so that we wouldn’t all have to bring our heavy luggage’s and just leave them in the car.
The hotel is in the city so, as I said before, there are many stairs. Our hotel was not close from the parking lot so it was extra smart. Our hotel room had a terrace, actually two that looked right into the sea. It’s one of the best views you can get.
The daytime temperatures here reach up to 85 with the sunshine. Thankfully, we lived in a cave that was nice and cool inside. We didn’t really go outside for solar noon because of the scorching heat.
We wanted to walk down to the old port but while we were walking, the guys who sell donkey rides made us a deal of 15 bucks rather than 20 Euros for all four of us. My dad first rejected but then we accepted it because we knew they wouldn’t give us that good of a deal.
Once the sun started going down, we chilled outside and took many pictures. Baba’s friends (Andy and Kebir and their wives) came over at around 7. It was almost dark but they could still see the stunning views.
The sitting area on the outside (pillows/cushions over rocks) released heat in the cool night. It felt so good. The adults had white and red wine while I di and I helped them take pictures. Everyone wanted to stay and hangout more but Diana yiyi said that we needed to go. We had to lock the door of the hotel and since it was 150 years old, when baba tried to pull it closed, the handle came out with it. 
We first walked around until uncle Andy and Kebir saw a local they knew (maybe taxi driver) and asked if there were any restaurants that the locals go to. The local said there was only a restaurant that they go to, Naoussa. It has really good food, good prices, but no view. We didn’t really care and we wanted good food so we went to Naoussa.
The food was very good but it was not my style, no rice. They had everything from (Greece) fries to shrimp (really good, the sauce was amazing) to sea bass. Those were the dished that I liked and the rest were veggie based.  
While we were eating, Uncle Andy told us to save some room for gyro ice cream (gyro taste). I did and right before we left, I asked baba if we were still getting the gyro ice cream and he said it was just a joke. I thought it seemed pretty legit because we were in Greece and they eat gyros like we eat burgers. I learned long jokes are not that funny because you think it’s the truth until you’re told it’s not after a while.
I once told a di this joke that the reason their Chinese school at Saint Anthony on Saturdays had to change locations was because Luke, the president of his school, don’t like Chinese and didn’t want more kids learning Chinese. I told him that at the end of June and I just recently told him that it was just a joke recently, on this trip. I will now try to not tell long jokes anymore because it isn’t really funny.
We went straight home after dinner and I…showered? Yep, I did shower and I also started on my journal until I typed napping (with my eyes closed and started thinking about other stuff and typed it on my journal).

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