Sunday, November 25, 2012

Make Money


Who here has attempted to make some money because there is something you just...REALLY want? I'm sure most of you who are reading this has. What I really want right now, are Air Jordan Retro ones. I told Luke that we needed to make some money quick because I wanted those shoes really bad and he tells me that he just got a similar pair. I really don't care that he got some new shoes that I wanted but what pisses me off is that his dad just GETS it for him at FOOT LOCKER!

  I'm pissed because my parents just don't get me shoes from Foot Locker. I wish they did, there's a huge variety of shoes to choose from. Do you know where my mom gets me my shoes? Nordstrom Rack.

What can you find at Nordstrom Rack? Nothing. Dual fusion.

I went to Nordstrom with my dad the other day, I tried to get him to buy me a pair of free runs. He goes, "how much?"
Me, "90!"
Him, "Sale?"
Me, "no"
I'm like are you kidding me, the ones that go on sale aren't even good.

BTW, I am actually pretty grateful that my mom does get me shoes from Nordstrom Rack. It's better than Goodwill or somewhere else. (just in case she reads this)

Ok, lets get back on track, I was talking about making money. $$$ I really like to buy stuff. The only problem is that I don't get enough money. I don't have allowance, I don't have a job; the only way for me to make money is...Chinese New Year. I don't even get that much on Chinese New Year. It is not enough to bring me pleasure. That is why, I've recently been trying to make some money. I've actually been trying to make money, not really been trying, but creating ideas to make money since second grade.

I use to live right by a golf course and I wanted to sell snacks and drinks to the golfer. This was second grade. I didn't do it. I should've. Then, in sixth grade, I had the idea of creating an app for the iphone. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Super Hard! I went to ID tech camp to learn programming and it was too complex for my brain to handle. Now, I have been creating more ideas to make some money.

I have learned that to be successful, you need to do and not just create ideas. Even though Luke and my motto is "no idea is a stupid idea", you still have to make it happen, like what your parents did...


Asian Occasion

P.S. We will release the new idea/company once everything is set. We are currently in the process of putting everything together. It is not easy creating a company as kids. 

P.S to the P.S. (P.S. squared?) : Have any of you ever thought about starting a new company? If so, tell us about the idea. Comment below!!! 


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