Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Ghetto Word of the Day #1


Urban Dictionary Definitions
Guap is referenced to any high amount of dollars, basically a general word for mad dough.

guap - (gwa'p), n - a considerable amount of money, most often cash, indicating a high degree of purchasing power for fast-depreciation consumer items such as luxury cars and electronics. 

The word "guap" derives from the Spanish word guapo/guapa which means  handsome. I have no idea why guap means a large amount of money.

Sentence examples

"I just worked overtime to get that major guap!"

"Guap time, I'm selling some stuff."

"I be getting guap right now!"

Of course, guap is a slang word and should not be used formally. Only use the word "guap" with your friends. 

GUAP in a song-


Asian Occasion


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