Thursday, April 19, 2012

Top 5 Most Powerful People

Lei hoe, (what language)

This post is like serious. This is legitimate stuff, it's not like Ninger or ham. It's the world's top 5 most powerful people. I think this is one of the most interesting topics. Even if you think you're too cool to care about this stuff, you know you just want to know. You're probably like, "Wow, you are so slow. Hurry up!!! Tell us who the top 5 people are. I'm not interested in this serious talk, I just want to know. Ok, drumroll pleeeeeeease,  (don't cheat by highlighting everything, only highlight in between the dashes, comment how many you get, you will miss the 2nd and 4th)

NUMBER ONE IS: (to find the answer, highlight the space between the dashes) (hint: black)
-Barack Obama-

NUMBER TWO IS: (hint: prime minister, name starts with a "V") -Vladimir Putin-

NUMBER THREE IS: (hint: yellow) -Hu Jintao-

NUMBER FOUR IS: (hint: chancellor) -Angela Merkel-

NUMBER FIVE IS: (hint: this guy went to Lakeside High School in Seattle) -Bill Gates-



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