Monday, May 7, 2012



Today, I would like to bring you a few video recommendations made by friends. It's true, sadly, they are not Asian, they do not have any YELLOW inside of them. They are actually the whitest kids I know. JK. But since this blog draws many people because we are awesome like that (just kidding, again) I would like to help support my friend Nate as he is becoming a commentator.

Nate is an ecstatic young boy who likes to play Minecraft and Happy Wheels and would like for me to demonstrate for you his commentaries. 

Plus, if I do not advertise his commentaries, he is totally going to beat me up.

Just kidding, we're all good here. Don't you get the message? Let's make a culturally diverse nation! 

No, that's not my point, but you know what?

Just watch the videos and subscribe to Nate's YouTube Channel <<<<<Click

Here's a Minecraft commentary for all of you guys. LIKE THE VIDEO!!!




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