Sunday, May 6, 2012

Vocabulary #1


It's Luke in command, and today, I would like to briefly teach you 5 easy-to-learn words that will make you sound professional and intelligent.

Are you tired of using same old, childish words?

Do you want to sound smart in front of teachers, colleagues, and your so-called "future wife" or "husband"?

Well, I'm overjoyed to teach you some words that will make you sound like a scientist.

BUT, you may already know these words... so, I'll teach you FIVE, yes FIVE new vocabulary words and examples to make you sound like the English professor for Stanford.

(sorry for my writing voice that made me sound like Billy Mays or something, just wanted to get you excited, BECAUSE I KNOW YOU ALREADY ARE!               not)

1. Lurid
definition; shocking, explicit, vivid

e.x. My lurid murals on the school walls caused me to get an out-of-school suspension.

2. Tenuous
definition; very weak or slight

instead of saying "I'm going to beat you up, you weak little loser!"

say "Bah, you tenuous morsel!"

3. Divert
definition; to cause something to change direction

e.x. I diverted my eyes away from the horrific scene.

4. Idyllic
definition; Charmingly simple or rustic

e.x. I ever so adored the idyllic feel of the antique car.

5. Capitulate
definition; to surrender or give up

e.x. Because of the intimidating look on our faces, the other team had no choice but to capitulate.

"If you will..."

"If you will" is a great phrase to end at the end of your sentences. People use "if you will" to excuse the lack of a better word or to kill any awkward tension.

If You Will
"I heard on the weather channel that there will be a dangerous storm tonight, a monster storm if you will.



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