Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lawson's journal for his trip to Turkey Day 7

here it is. We are half way there.

Day 7: This was pretty much our first day of normal sleep. All the other days, we’ve had to wake up at 7 and since I’ve been journaling, I usually sleep at 2. That almost ended our jetlag. Once we woke up, we started washing our clothes. I had a genius idea where we put all our clothes into the bath/jet tub, adding some shampoo and body washing, and turning on the jets. That worked but not as well as I expected. We’d finish the rest after breakfast. We had a pretty good breakfast. It had most of the things I liked. It was pretty good because it was not as good as the “best one in Athens” but better than the “good breakfast.”
After breakfast, we went to the lobby to check our Facebook, email, and everything that needed Wi-Fi. For some reason, electronics bought from the US cannot connect to Wi-Fi from their room. We went back to our room to finish the laundry. The tub looked disgusting, there was black stuff on the perimeter of it. I thought about it and concluded that it was the bubbles. The bubbles with dirty stuff popped and all the filth went onto the tub. We started a system. I would take the clothes from the tub and rinse them in water, then I would hand it to baba who would twist it dry. A di takes the clothes from baba and sends it to mom who hangs it outside, on the deck. It worked for the first seven pieces of clothing but afterwards, we just rinsed it in the water in the tub. Even though it was dirty, we didn’t really give a crap. When everything we all hung up, our deck looked like a clothes store. I also felt really boater like.
We left our hotel for black and red beach. While trying to look for the red beach, we found a black sand beach, not the black beach and we checked it out. The sand was no good; it was all rocky. We saw something really bad; it was not a good sight, an old lady with saggy boobs topless. It was kind of interesting because living in Seattle; you don’t get to see that everyday.  
Then, we went to the red beach; you had to “hike” for ¼ of a mile through rocks from your car. It’s on the other side of the mountain. The sand there was not sand; they were rocks, big rocks in fact. The average rock there was 6 inches. Since it was a red sand beach, we swam there anyway. That water was not bad, a bit cold and nothing like Cancun. Now, I can say that I’ve swum in the Mediterranean Sea.
We left for the Black Beach after two hours at the Red Beach. We just walked around for about 10 minutes, didn’t swim. Then, we passed by a Gyro place and sold burgers…JUST KIDDING; we had each had a Gyro except for mom who had a cabbage-carrot salad. We then tried to get back to the hotel but baba didn’t follow the sign and went on the Scenic route that was just a loop and brought us back to where we went in.
We then went to Uncle Andy’s and Aunty Diana’s hotel again and they weren’t there (dad’s friends). We went back to the hotel for a di to change get some wittie titties. He wore his swimming trunks and forgot to bring his pants. We rushed to Oia to see the sunset. We didn’t get to the place to see the sunset because on our way there, we saw this awesome view with the white washed houses with blue roofs. We took pictures there for like…15 MINUTES, so we missed the sunset.
We got to the city center at 8 and dinner was at 9:15 so we headed west. The roads for pedestrians in Santorini have many steps so we went up and down and up and down. It was already dark so the lights from the restaurant and hotels lit up the city. While we were walking back, we saw a rock platform. It was super dark and there were many corners (no roof though). We continued going in and found this beautiful view of the city. It was a sight to see. We wanted to stay longer but had to go to dinner.
The restaurant we were eating at was right across from the one we ate at the night before. So while we were waiting, mom went to the last restaurant to get Wi-Fi to do what she does. The others came at around 9:25. The reservation was for six people and it was six because it didn’t include di and I. I felt like I was invading the adult’s time. I thought it would be an awkward dinner but it was not too bad. The food was good and the other people were very nice and kid friendly. We went back to the hotel after dinner and just like the usual, we didn’t shower or anything and went straight to bed. Good Day. 

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