Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lawson's journal for his trip to Turkey Day 6

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Day 6: Baba woke me up at 5:30. I showered, packed and went downstairs with a di to play with the Kinect. I didn’t play once we got downstairs and a Di went to take a crap because the bathroom in our room smells like CRAP, literally. Baba and mom came downstairs 10 minutes after we did. We waited for the cab that the hotel called for us. The driver gave us a flat rate of 22 Euros to the seaport. Baba wanted to use the meter but he said it’s the same thing. Baba told him to turn on the meter just like yesterday and sure enough, he was right. This driver did take any “long cuts”. We got there 30 minutes before our departure.
Our boat was called the Sea Jet. It is suppose to be the faster ones to get to Santorini, 4 hours rather than 7. Our seats smelled REALLY bad. I sat on the aisle seat so I could stick my head away but a di had to suffer. He said it smelled like vomit. Mom thought the boat wouldn’t be too full and told us to switch seats once we departed. There weren’t many options but we sat in the seat right behind baba and mom’s. It was better but we could still smell the faint smell. I started journaling because there was no Wi-Fi and I didn’t have anything to else to do.
We arrived in Santorini at 12. We looked for a taxi to get to the hotel but some guy said he’d rent us a car for 25 Euros each day. That’s a pretty good deal but being Asian, my dad said, “twenty” and the guy agreed. Since the rental place didn’t have any cars for us, they drove us to the hotel and said they would drive the car to our hotel. Our driver was a refugee from Georgia. We said he was unhappy here because he didn’t make much money. I felt really bad for him, so did baba so he tipped him.
The hotel was called Astro Palace. We got complimentary ice tea while baba negotiated for a suite. The suite cost 90 Euros extra but it was a good deal and we got it. The guy that led us to our room carried 4 luggages’, what a boss. We waited for the car in our room for a while. Then, we juts got too hungry and chose to take a taxi to the center of town. We asked the receptionist something (I forgot what) and it ended up only being a 10-minute walk away. We went for some Chinese food right away, I’m just that Asian. The restaurant was called Asia Club. The owner spoke Mandarin, which my parents also know and they talked a lot. He said people in Santorini that have restaurants work pretty much “non-stop” for three hectic months, five low season months, and don’t work for four months. (no tourist)
We then walked around in that town, Fira, looked for some hotels with view, took some pictures (typical Asian), and went back to the hotel. Our car arrived but the receptionist said it came at 5, when it was suppose to be there at 3. The lady that worked there told us that we needed to file a complaint and that she would help us. Baba gave his name and some other info and the lady did the rest. Baba napped and mom and di went swimming. I watched some CNN and BBC, the news was either about Libya shootings (US embassy), protest about the anti-Muslim movie, or Kate Middleton’s topless photos.
Thirty minutes later, we left the hotel and headed towards Oia, the second largest city on the island. We walked around the city; it’s a little more quite than Fira but it’s still really nice. We ate dinner at a restaurant. We had Chicken, Shrimp, and two other things. After dinner, we walked back to our car. A di said that we need to turn here to get to the parking lot but baba didn’t listen to di and continued walking. We ended up in an alley for the residents to get to their houses, pretty much lost. We just kept walking in the “right direction” and a dog started following us. Baba “notched” the dog away but it would always come back. Then finally, we saw three dudes that were also going to their car. They told us to follow them and brought us back to our car. Di and I slept on the ride back to the hotel and we didn’t even shower when we arrived, we just brushed our teeth and went to bed. Good day.

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