Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Luke's Trip to San Diego Part 1

Hello all,

Unlike Lawson this summer, I did not get to go on any "out-of-the-country" vacation trips. I instead went with my family to a one-week "vacay" in the beautiful city of San Diego (specifically in the area of La Jolla).


Let's get this straight, I was relieved to go to San Diego. The weeks before the trip were full of soccer tournaments, practices, and everything you could think of related to soccer. Just like Lawson, my dad woke me up at 4:15-4:30 AM and even though I was still dazed and tired, I was excited. Part of the reason we went to San Diego was also to attend a wedding for my Aunt. Anywho, my Uncle drove our whole family to the Sea-Tac airport and we flew Alaskan Airlines. Our family weighed our luggage, weighing up to a total of 100 pounds and passed through TSA like a wonderful summer breeze. Like an average Filipino household, we brought breakfast to eat (fried rice and sausage) at the airport so we could spend as least money as possible and save it for when we actually get to San Diego. We got on the plane, and because the non-stop flight to San Diego was only 2 hours, we had no personal TVs (Lawson you lucky man). The flight was extremely short, because I slept the whole 2 hours. 

We arrived at the San Diego airport at about 11:00 and claimed our baggage. Shortly after, we took the Enterprise bus to none other than.. Enterprise... We signed some boring documents and finally got to the fun part, picking out the rental car. There was a wide range of simple, to luxurious cars that caught our eye. Now you see, there was a nice, glossy black Porsche ONLY AVAILABLE FOR $5 DOLLARS A DAY that really caught my eye, as well as my elderly grandmother's eye. That day at Enterprise was apparently a huge summer savings day. INSTEAD, my parents chose a 2012 Toyota Corolla. Stereotypical Asians? That was us!

We were off, bumpin' in our Camry to Katy Perry music with the sunroof open. As we headed for the La Jolla Hyatt, we saw and heard the beautiful sights and sounds of San Diego. Filled with cultural Hispanic cuisines, tall skyscrapers, and cool adobe homes, San Diego was the place to be that day.

The La Jolla Hyatt was a grand-spanking hotel with a nice pool, spa, and sporting area. I was truly impressed. Unfortunately, the day was coming to a close as it went so fast. We ended off our day with a visit to a sushi place called "Samurai" with exceptionally well California rolls.




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  1. Why do you have to make it so good Luke?!?! :) I just put down my thoughts and you have such good word choice.