Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lawson's journal for his trip to Turkey Day 2

First, I would like to apologize for not putting as much thought into my post as Luke's trip post, or so it seems and for the record, I do not have anything against Middle Easterns.


Day 2: “Already?” Today, we woke up at 7 o’clock for breakfast because we had an early flight to catch for Athens, Greece. During breakfast, our waiter taught Baba some Turkish words like, “my friend”, “good morning”, “thank you”, etc. our waiter was a really nice guy that “touched us” a lot. It’s a Turkish thing, a friendly touch on the shoulder. Breakfast was not bad; it was a bit better than the ones at the inns (Days inn, Comfort inn).  We took a taxi to the airport and it was the worst taxi ride I’ve ever had. You may ask, “How could a taxi ride be good or bad?” It sucked because the driver, had some pretty major B.O. Yeah, and I sat ride behind his seat. The ride was about 30 minutes and I breathed in my shirt for 28 minutes. The two other minutes, I didn’t need to because the there was a sewer smell that covered up the B.O. I don’t think I can describe the smell but it was unbearable. We got through security and went straight to the gate 223 with an hour before we depart. Since we had so much time, we went to the duty free shop and almost got some Turkish Delights. The guy that worked there was very nice and social and also has Chinese cousins. He said hasn’t been to Greece and United States but he really wants to. I felt blessed that I could travel to so many places. We left the shop 30 minutes before the plane departs. We chilled at the gate for 10 minutes and my dad felt that there was something wrong; there were only about 10 people at the gate. He checked our boarding passes with another guy and it was the same. That could’ve only meant three things: there were only 10 people going to Athens, there is an unannounced delay, or there has been a gate change. Baba checked a TV that showed the departing flights and it turned out that there was a gate change. It was 213 instead of 223. Baba told the guy that we checked boarding passes with that it was 213, not 223 and everyone else in that room heard it so everyone started running to gate 213. We made it. The plane was only about ¾ full and it only took about an hour to get to the destination but we still got food. Not the best but it was food, a chocolate croissant and some cheese bread. I don’t know why, but when we landed, we got off the plane on stairs to take a bus to the airport building. On the bus, we met some Hong Kong people came here for Apostle Paul’s journey. We claimed our baggage’s at the baggage claim and them we went to get a car at Avis. We were originally driving a small car but we got upgraded to a small/medium car. The car’s “brand” is Oppo or Oppal. We had to walk about ½ a kilometer to the get the car and once we got the car, we started driving to our hotel, Athena Intercontinental. Just before a toll came up, we realized that we didn’t have any Euros. That made the toll 15 minutes to pass instead of less than 15 seconds. The penalty was, to pay when we come back, 2.8 Euros but they needed our passports and everything. I didn’t expect Athens to be so old but all the buildings are like 3-4 stories tall and they have cracks on the walls. The country is so undeveloped. It took us 30 minutes to get to the hotel and it took another 30-45 minutes to get to our room. We first looked at a normal room that we booked. (no extra charge) Then we looked at a suite on the smoking floor but no cigarette smell in the room. (87 Euros more which also includes access to the lounge for complimentary food for the whole day) Next, we decide to choose the family even though we haven’t seen it. (same price at the smoking suite) Finally, we chose to stay at the smoking room because it was the same price as the family room but so much nicer and it didn’t smell like cigarettes. We went to the lounge afterwards and they had glass bottled coke, shortbread, and much more. The best part was that we could eat outside and enjoy the spectacular view of the Parthenon. We then went to drive around the city, which is when a Di and I took our nap. When we woke up, we were back at the hotel and continued walking after walking back up into our room. We napped for another 2 hours and then took the shuttle into town. We walked to the congress building and saw these guards that just stand there and look of into nothingness for an hour every time, four times a day. It’s kind of a waste of life, everyday, you stand for 4 hours not being able to show any emotions or look at anyone or move. Then we walked to a book place that sold books in Greek. After that, we went to look for something to eat and found this Greek restaurant that wasn’t that good but better than Turkey. I didn’t get full from it though because there was no fricken rice. Then we just kept walking for about 2 kilometer and got to a place where you could see the Parthenon beautifully. At night, the Parthenon is just gorgeous; it looks exactly how I imaging Mount Olympus, the home of the Greek gods. Finally, we ended the night with a taxi ride back to the hotel for less than five Euros. Today was a good day.


Asian Occasion

P.S. I also apologize for not separating into paragraphs but i kind of just put down points. 

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