Friday, October 26, 2012

The Haunted Forest 1

Hello guys,

Today I will be sharing with you a fun experience I had at a haunted.. forest? Yes, indeed it was a haunted forest.

Well, to get right to the experience, I was with a group of friends and we went to this haunted forest, which, I have to admit, pretty scary. Yes, it was.

So me and two friends carpooled together, and we were very excited of how this haunted forest thing was going to pan out. Even the drive to the Haunted Forest location was pretty scary. The parking grounds were a mixture of gravel and mud, and the surrounding area was very dark and eerie. My friends and I were even scared to get out of the car, (which I know is pretty wimpy, but you should always expect the unexpected), but we managed to quickly hop out. (And I by "quickly hop out" I mean COMPLETELY BOOKING IT TO THE ENTRANCE GATE)

In the entrance area, there were a few people in costumes and makeup that actually scared the living shitaki mushrooms out of me. These characters would just creep up behind you and stay there until you LOOKED BEHIND YOU and saw one of them. I remember someone telling me "Hey, look to your left," and surely, not knowing what was going to happen, I took a quick peek to my left and a person dressed up in a little girl costume with blood drooling, almost FLOWING out of her mouth was there to glare at me.

I jumped.

We met other friends at the haunted forest entrance area, and we decided to enter the Haunted Forest. Now, there were about 12 of us, and the ticket guy only allowed groups of 6 to go together. We eventually figured it out and split ourselves into the 2 groups.


If your a pussycat like me, always get in the middle of the group. But, if you love fear, get in the absolute front or back. Anyway, our group entered the haunted forest slowly, and surely. 

But YOU CAN'T ENTER A HAUNTED PLACE SURELY! We defied the laws of physics and we did, though. The first part of the haunted forest was the weirdest part. 

Imagine walking into a forest, and you see two, creepy girls standing, almost waiting, in the pathway. As our group slowly moved as a pack of wimpy wolves toward them, we tried to avoid them. We walked very slow. 

This is when things fell apart. 

The two, creepy actors screamed at us and came from our right, which caused us to go to our left. And, at our left, was, of course, another scary actor which screamed at us. I heard them yell at us saying, "HURRY UP" and "GO" almost jokingly, and I could understand because our group was going so slow. 

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