Thursday, November 1, 2012

How to Make an Essay Sound Good

Hello all,

Today I will be sharing with you some tips I sometimes use to make my ESSAYS look impressive.

Duh Step Number 1- Do your paragraphs look small and puny? Immensify them by raising the font up to 13, or 14 for the extremists.

Duh Step Number 2- Use transitions. You may already know this, but always use transitions at the beginning at the end of a paragraph. Words like LASTLY, and FIRST OFF, and IN CONCLUSION make an essay sound organized and neat.

Duh Step Tree- Double-space. Make the space between lines of words larger. Increase the space between lines to 1.15 or 1.5. It won't necessarily make your essay sound smart, but it will seem longer.

Fore- Use big words. Words that will make you sound duh SMART! Words like fastidious, beneficial, benevolent, imperative, bourgeois, zeitgeist, and precedent.

FIVE- Always proofread. Make your parents read it, older siblings read it, or simply use Microsoft Word spell check. It's a big turnoff to teachers when you spell a word, or words, wrong. It's like when you want to impress a girl and you bring homemade frog legs to school for lunch. (Sorry, that's just me)

And duh Six- Be CONFIDENT. Always be confident. Even if you think you're doing something wrong, just be confident. It's better to express a stupid idea than no idea.

That's all I have to say, really. I hope you can use these tips to your advantage.


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