Monday, November 12, 2012

EFC VS. PAC Results

Du hullo dehr,

From the much expected hype brought to the table at our soccer game, it was wasted with the result of Eastside FC (Lawson) and Pacific Northwest Soccer Club (Me), of a boring tie. 

The game, itself, was not boring, but the result was. If your not much into soccer, I'll keep it short. 

Both our teams played a hard-fought game and you literally see the soccer ball shifting from one half of the field to the other. Some key highlights from this game was the MISSED (big emphasis on the missed) penalty kick and a bad offsides call.

If you do not know was a penalty kick is, it's basically when you get a free kick at exactly 12 yards of the field because of a foul inside a a box. There are no interferences and it is only the player who takes the PK (penalty kick) and the goalkeeper. You can describe this to a free throw in basketball, or maybe a field goal attempt in football. Anywho, the person on Lawson's team  struck the ball on the ground fairly well, but not well enough. Our goalkeeper saved the ball from going into the goal which afterwards gave us the motivation to move on.

The other call, the offsides call, was also a key highlight. I don't want to explain too much of what OFFSIDES is because it could get boring, so I'll keep it short. (Like I always do NOT) Anyway, the referee called a stupid call that could have allowed us to score easily.

But in the end, no one got bragging rights. Lawson and I kept smiling at each other like idiots on the field because of our tight ninger relationship. (Refer to our very first posts to see what a ninger is) 

I also was smiling because Lawson tried to slide tackle me but did not do so and failed miserably. 

In conclusion, it was a great game that heightened tensions between Lawson's team and I and was a mini-reunion of great future CEOs and entrepreneurs of soon-to-be famous Asian Occasion.


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