Thursday, November 8, 2012

Eastside FC vs PACNWSC

This weekend, our soccer teams will play each other, me and Luke. As you may know, I met Luke from soccer. You may be wondering, how do you start a company from a soccer team? I don't even know but I'm really glad it worked! I left the team last year and transfered to Eastside FC. Luke stayed on "GRFC" that turned into PACNWSC. You may be asking, "WHAT IN THE HEL-ENA DOES PACNWSC STAND FOR?!?!" I know, it's dumb and long but it stands for Pacific (PAC) Northwest (NW) Soccer Club (SC). The FC in Eastside FC stands for football club, it's more official, as you can tell. The whole world calls it football.
Anyways, we will be playing each other at Starfire this weekend. I'm super PUMPED!!! Luke or I will post the result as soon as we can after the game. Bye



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