Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cop or Drop #4 Executives vs. Studios vs. Quiet Comfort


This dawn/night, I will be presenting you another Cop or Drop segment but since we have three this time, lets rename this series, "Cop or Drop and Drop!" Don't worry, this name is only for this post. The name will not stick.

The three contestants are the Beats Studios, the Bose QuietComfort 15 and the Beats Executives. All of these will be silver.

First, the Studios. The first over the ear headphones that are made by Beats that has an annoying buzz sound in the background. This is for that Basketball jock that wants to stand out and not get solos because it's too mainstream so he gets something that costs a hundred bucks more.
When you buy Beats, you're just buying the brand.

Second, the QuietComforts. This is for the business frequent flyer wanna to get nice sound and they think that Bose will do just that kinda guy. They also need the noise cancellation feature because when the frequent flyer is at high altitudes, the noise cancellation makes it so that their ears don't do funky stuff. 
Same thing goes for the QuietComforts, you're just buying the brand.
Lastly, the Executives. This is for that classy kid who thinks he's all cool and wants Executives instead of the Studios because they are newer and better. Maybe even because he just wants to wear them as neck warmers and he has heard that the padding is really nice and ten dollar legit neck warmers just won't do the job.    

So here you go, which one would you cop and which two will you drop. Answer in the poll.


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