Thursday, December 20, 2012

Music Makes Everything Better

Music makes everything better. Imagine a movie without music. Sure, the movie could be great without music, but WITH music, it's way better. It enhances the inspiration in the inspirational parts, the motivation in the motivational parts, the depression in the depressing parts and the suspense in the suspenseful parts.

For example, if we look at a sad moment during a movie and we exclude the music, maybe it was sad piano ballad or a depressing violin solo, the sad moment is not as depressing as it used to be with the sad music.

Here's another example, have you ever seen one of those movies where the cool guy walks away from the scene, while the particular scene is exploding, and he has that awesome expression on his face that makes him look like B.A.? Heck yeah, we've all seen one of those movies. Cool guys don't look at explosions. Add the inspirational electric guitar solo or the orchestra piece and BOOM, the scene would be that more inspirational.

Do you ever wonder why many people bring iPods with them to exercise? Because it motivates them to keep going! I'd keep running on that treadmill with an iPod until I couldn't run anymore, with the help of some motivational music.

Have you ever watched a boxing, WWE or UFC match? Both fighters get to choose what song they want to walk in the ring with. Ever hear the announcer say "COMING IN, AT 5'11, 180 POUNDS, INTRODUCING--(insert fighter here)" And after that, the fighter walks in with his posse and his theme song starts playing, whether it may be "Eye of the Tiger" or "All I Do Is Win" or "Ain't No Stopping Us Now", each entrance song makes every fighter seem cooler.

Manny Pacquiao Entering the Ring

Music is also great for doing homework. Although some people may not like any distractions when they do work, I, on the other hand, love a great classical piece to help me focus better.

Also, music helps us get in the festive mood for holidays. Ever since the month of December has came along, I have been listening to a lot of Christmas music. It makes Christmas that much magical. Who doesn't like to be festive? Just kidding.

Festive Santas
All in all, music helps us live life to the fullest and live in the present. 

If you had a theme song, what would it be? COMMENT BELOW!


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