Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Asian Occasion Vlog #1

Hurro guys,

Fresh from our 2-week break, Lawson and I wanted to start a whole new series, one that will never be forgotten. Instead of just reading text every other day on Asian Occasion, why not watch a video or two to add some variety and flavor to our blog?

So, Lawson and I decided to do our first vlog. A vlog, deriving from the term blog, is a video blog that many YouTubers today make a video about.

I hope you like our first vlog, and if you have any suggestions, which I know you won't, leave it in the comments below. Otherwise, leave a like on our video and subscribe to our channel, cantorwong. 


P.S. If you think Lawson and I are d-bags for wearing Nike elite socks, don't think that way because we only have one pair and we like to wear them a lot. 



Asian Occasion

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