Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chao Mein

Hello all, this is Lawson. Your fellow Asian Blogger. From Asian Occasion. Wow. Those sentences. Weird sentences.

First of all, Happy New Year. I hope y'all enjoyed Luke and my vlog.

Let's stop right there and review what I just wrote. I am currently talking to Luke and he says my sentence, "I hope y'all enjoyed Luke and my vlog." is improper grammer. Luke says it should be, "I hope you all enjoyed Luke and I's video." What do you think it should be? Just think about all the starving children in Africa...

Anyways, back on topic. As you can see, the title is Chao Mein. You may be wondering, "why chao mein?" So my job is to answer your wonder. Luke, Ryan, and I just created a new page on Facebook; it is called, "Chao Mein."

I am answering your wonder again. Ryan is a male-child our age (13 years olds.) He goes to Islander which is the public middle school in Mercer Island. Ryan plays basketball and he sucks. JK. He is single and is ready to...jingle...his his house.

But for reals doe, he is not interested in any girls and he will just be focusing on academics for the next five years.

Just follow the page:
1. go to Facebook
2. search "chao mein"

The Picture looks like this:


I don't know if it works.


Asian Occasion

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