Wednesday, September 19, 2012

100th POST

HELLO FOLLOWERS! (if you're still there)

Can you believe this madness? Can you believe this trickery witchcraft that has been bestowed upon our daily, internet-social lives? You read the title, it is ASIAN OCCASION'S "100th POST."



Just yesterday I remember my first post, the introduction. I put a picture of an Asian baby saying "OH HERRO PREASE!" Or something like that.

You know what also recently occurred? 10k VIEWS. That's right, when people ask me, "Hey Luke, how many page views does your stupid blog have?"

I can respond confidently with, "Oh Hey nimrod, Asian Occasion has over 10k views now." And I, in that glory of excellence, would actually feel good about myself. I am actually pretty happy right now, in fact, VERY happy.

Do you know why? Well, not to be the guy who answers his own questions here and sounds like a complete idiot, Lawson and I have stayed strong over this Asian Occasion blog we have. We have had emotional roller coasters through this experience that changed our lives forever.

Just kidding. It didn't have that much of an impact. Anyway, we actually have gone through a lot of problems with this blog. There was a period in time when AO only got 2 views a day, and when we were lucky, 3 views. Now we are really heating things up by racking up over 55-60 page views a day. Heck yeah.

Lawson and I were also thinking about starting a new blog, in our most desperate moments, but we could not even dare to think of a name that was catchier and cheesier than Asian Occasion.

I kind of feel like I am writing a graduation speech. (from Harvard? jk jk)

Actually, I would like you to read this post as if you were listening to a graduation speech, (not the boring ones).

I would like to thank my "business" partner, Lawson, for putting up with me, giving me the most innovative ideas ever, and always having an entrepreneurial attitude in the making of this blog. I would like to thank some of my friends, for following this blog after I forced them to and making of my ultima-fan base of 44 members. Lastly, I would like to thank the fans (just like what they say at the Grammy's) and all those random page viewers who stumbled upon our brilliant blogspot blog.






  1. Dude, that's fricken AWESOME. I've really appreciate the time that we've had sticking together and making this blog possible. Thanks, NIMROD!!! i've not heard that before.

  2. You guys are amazing and post the funniest things! I'm a while loser and I find this blog(which should never be considered "stupid," by the way) absolutely hilarious.