Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lawson's journal for his trip to Turkey Day 4

You know what it is.

Day 4: I woke up somewhere between six and seven o’clock because I sleep early last night, 11 rather than 3. That kind of ended my jetlag. Today, the hotel operated normally, meaning that we had to eat breakfast at the lounge that served “good breakfast” and not “the best breakfast in Athens.” The lounge breakfast had very similar food to the main restaurant but it had 4-5 times less food. I was okay with it though. The outside had a really nice view (you could see the Parthenon) but the sun was really hot as well so mom, di and I went inside after 10 minutes of letting the sun burn my neck.
A di is a…doesn’t do stuffer. He didn’t write his journal yesterday so mom brought him down right after breakfast and took him back to the room to write about yesterday. Meanwhile, I got an email from Oscar pertaining to the announcement of the new ipod touch, ipod nano, and the iphone 5. The iphone 5 was just stupid, doesn’t have anything that makes you go WOW! The ipod nano is just like the ipod touch with less capabilities. The ipod touch is very…colorful now. It’s actually kind of cool, you get the screen of the new iphone 5 and everything else but the phone. Has it always been this way? I think so. J Baba and I departed downstairs once our wi-fi voucher expired, took our luggage and headed for Loutraki, Corinth.
We made one stop before the hotel, it was at the Corinth canal. It was so deep from where we were. To get you an idea of the height; you could bungy jump there. The first thing we have been doing when we arrive at places is look for Wi-Fi and thankfully, there was. Not many places in Greece have free Wi-Fi. We next settled into our room and found some amazing chocolate. It tasted so good; it was milk chocolate with some milk-like cream inside and a piece of wafer. We said we’d leave in 15 minutes to drive around the city before baba turned on the tv and started watching Kitchen Nightmare.
Kitchen Nightmare is a show were Gordan Ramsay goes to restaurants that taste like crap and help them fix it up by appearance and food. In Greece, they don’t sensor anything so we got to hear exactly what they said. It was really cool and if you’ve watched Hell’s Kitchen or MasterChef, you’d know how much Chef Ramsay swears.
 An hour later, when the show ended, we drove along the beach and found a pizza joint and ate there. The pizza was not good, coming from an American. After lunch, we went to the bank and got some cash and traveled back to the hotel.
Once we got back, di, mom, and I went downstairs to swim and baba stayed in the room to sleep. I didn’t swim because there were no hot tubs.  Actually, there were at least 4 hot tubs but the water was as cold as the normal pools. The only thing I did was sauna and go in the Turkish bath with mom. A di didn’t sauna or Turkish bath because there was a sign that said, “children under 15 are not allowed to use the following facilities: sauna, Turkish bath, hot tubs.” A Turkish bath is like a steam room but there is a little fountain at the end of the octagonal room and it’s lights inside that change colors (not that bright).
2 hours later, we went back up to our room, baba was still sleeping. Since I left my phone in the car with only 15 percent battery left, I suggested that we go somewhere farther (so I could get my phone) …and we did. GENIUS! We asked a hotel receptionist and he introduced us to a restaurant right next to the beach. Once we sat down, I just crashed and fell into a deep sleep. They woke me up when the food arrived and told me to help them take a picture.
I was very grouchy and was very reluctant to help my parents take the picture.  It was served seafood which is not my style of eating, no RICE! I was ok with it though because my parents wanted to go and it was their 14th anniversary. What a sad anniversary, having to celebrate with their kids… J We walked around the beach after dinner for about 10 minutes and then back to the car. We drove home afterwards and I started writing my day but I fell asleep, forgot to save my draft, and my mom shut my laptop…JUST KIDDING! I finished it tomorrow. Today was a good day. 


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