Friday, September 21, 2012

Lawson's journal for his trip to Turkey Day 5

Good Morning.

Here is my fifth day.

Day 5: We woke up and checked out right away to go to the ancient city of Corinth 25 minutes away from our hotel. On our way there, we stopped at a bakery; we got a sweet tart on the outside with something like rice pudding on the inside and something with sausages on the inside and tart on the outside. I liked the one with ham in it; the other one tasted funky.
Ancient Corinth is suppose to be where Paul (saint) lived and preached. It was not as cool as I thought it would be; we only saw pieces of stuff, if you will, that was scattered all around. There were also many dogs that followed you around which I don’t like because I have a fear of dogs. We were only there for like, 15 minutes and then we went to a castle-like village that we saw from the ground.
It was a fortified village with many walls built around the time of 70 B.C. It’s like a mini Great Wall with a village in the walls. They had a lot of tapered holes in the wall for arrows, I think (they wouldn’t have had guns).
We started heading back to Athens after that. I forgot why but baba asked if we knew what job gets you the most money. A di and I didn’t know and he told us it was investment banking. I thought it might be easy money because all you need to do is go to a good college; start working at a well-known investment banking company and you’re set. I think I found my new dream job. It took us approximately an hour to get back to Athens.
First, we went to return our rental car because we didn’t need it anymore. We hopped on a cab from Avis (rental car company) and the guy said it was one flat rate of 15 Euros and luggage also cost more. We thought it was kind of strange and baba told him to turn on the meter to make sure. He was brilliant, since we turned on the meter, he took us to China town and we drove around there for about ten minutes. We were actually really surprised that there was a China town. He started heading back to the hotel when the meter hit 13 Euros and when we got to the hotel, the final price was 15 Euros. He did this so it looked like the flat rate was reasonable. We were very disappointed. We knew he ripped us off and we also knew he knew too but he didn’t admit it. He said every other cap does the same, which was not true. If we didn’t go with him and went in a cab that used the meter, the price wouldn’t go over 10 Euros and wouldn’t cost extra for the luggage. Baba talked to him for 10 minutes about us feeling ripped off but he didn’t do anything about it.
We dropped off our stuff in the room and left for where we were the first day we were in Athens, the food place. We walked around down this road and a guy, I call Van Greecal, (he looked a lot like Van Diesel and he was Greek) lured us in his restaurant with free drinks for everyone. Baba liked the deal so we ate there. It was the first restaurant we walk by. Then we walked around and went back to the hotel. Mom and di went swimming and I didn’t because the pool wasn’t heat and was fricken cold but I hung out by the pool to start on my journal. I did a little more research on Investment Banking.
Did you know Goldman Sachs has more than 900 billion dollars in total assets? …and Morgan Stanley has 800 billion dollars? That’s a LOT of money; you could buy 2 billion xbox 360s 250g with Oregon. Mom and di only swam for 20 minutes and went back to the room and found baba still napping. I got really tired and napped for like 5 minutes until we left the hotel to eat dinner. I was hecksa tired but I still went because it was our last night in Athens and I didn’t want to wait it sleeping in the hotel. I asked baba where we were going and he told me Pobloso, (not really, I just forgot the name) a busy area that we haven’t been to. We took the cab and when we arrived, baba’s like, “WHAT?! This is Plaka!” It turned out that Pobloso is the area across the street from Bongdal. We walked around Pobloso; there were many bars and club. We also saw some prostitutes at the entrance of the metro station waiting for “clients”. I felt a bit of insecurity while I was walking. We started walking to Bongdal afterwards and walked up a hill that we walked on the first day in Athens. We wanted to eat at Chocolat but there was no more room on the roof so we went next door to Thisiso. We sat right on the edge and had an amazing view of the Acropolis. It was just beautiful. Di and I both got a mushroom and cherry tomato linguini. I thought it was decent but it was one of the better meals I had in Greece; more like what I normally eat. We took a cab back to the hotel and I just…slept, no shower no nothing. It was a good day.

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