Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lawson's journal for his trip to Turkey Day 3

Here is day 3.

Day 3: Today, we woke up at 8 to eat the “best breakfast in Athens”, guaranteed. Our 87 Euro deal included breakfast but it wasn’t suppose to be breakfast at the main restaurant downstairs which had the best breakfast in Athens, it was just…a good breakfast. The best breakfast in Athens is suppose to be 30 Euros per adult and 18 Euros per child/youth but we got it for free because there was a strike going on and the breakfast included couldn’t run with a few people so they sent us down to the main restaurant for breakfast. I was really excited to eat the best breakfast in Athens and I’m not gonna lie, it was an awesome breakfast but not the best I’ve had. That only concludes one thing; Athens doesn’t have good breakfast. After breakfast, mom, di, and I went down to the swimming pool. Mom knew that you could get to the pool from the lobby but a di, being brilliant saw that next to the 1 in the elevator, meaning level one (lobby is 0), it said “access to pool.” Once we got out of the “lift”, we saw a door that said, “pool access”. The funny thing was that right under that sign had another sign saying, “fire exit”. We were all afraid that the alarm would go off but I decided to man up and push on the door. I slowly pushed on the handle, the door opened, and the alarm went off…NOT! The pool was really cold, says a Di and mom. There was also no hot tub and I don’t like swimming so I went back up to the room. Once I got in, baba kicked me out and told me to go to the lounge to get something for him to eat and drink. I personally HATE riding elevators by myself because I always have that feeling that the elevator is gonna stop, lose power, just drop and not stop dropping. Thankfully, when I was waiting for my elevator, a Di and mom came up and I got a Di to go up with me. The lounge wasn’t opened yet when we got there because of the strike so we went back into our room foodless. Then, we decided to go to the Acropolis. Mom wasn’t happy because she wanted to go later. She doesn’t like the sun and at noon, that’s when the sun is the highest and hottest. He took the cab and had to walk up a hill and buy tickets. The line was really long and it was out in the sun. We first saw the ampli-theater, a really old stage that amplifies the sound without using a mic. Then we took at least 50 pictures at the entrance to the temples and got in 30 minutes later. We also saw our Hong Kong “friends” that we met at the airport and helped them take some pictures and they also helped us take some pictures. A lot of the columns needed support and there was a lot of construction going on so we didn’t get to see what it was intended to look like. Some didn’t have construction and it was just stunning. The Parthenon was a lot bigger in real life than in pictures. I could just imagine what it looked like 2300 years ago when it was still new, the marble must’ve been bleached white and smooth. Finally, we went to Mars hill, the beginning of Christianity in Greece. All in all, we were there for about 2-3-4 hours. Coming down, we saw the Sightseeing Bus and became interested. It was 18 Euros per adult and 8 per child/youth. We all wanted to but it seemed a bit expensive and unnecessary because we already had a car so we started walking away. Two minutes later, we decided to get on. We all agreed that it was a waste of money when we got off at the place where we had dinner yesterday. We were only on the bus for 20 minutes and don’t think we will get back on (24 valid receipt). I got a bottle of water for 50 Euros and baba got a gyro for 2 Euros. Afterwards, we walked to the main street and took a cab back to the hotel. We went up to the lounge and they sort of ate dinner. I was rice hungry so we drove to China’s. I slept once again on the ride. China’s is an Asian restaurant with a Greek owner, Greek Chefs, Greek Waiter, and a Filipino Waitress. She talked to us for a while about the business, economy and how the Chinese from China are rude. Kind of funny the way she said it. The food was the best I’ve have on the trip so far. I feel like a fob now, if I don’t get my servings of rice, I don’t perform well and get a feeling like I’m missing something or something’s wrong, anxiety? J On the way back to the hotel, a Di saw that I used the neck pillow but didn’t put it back in the case and just raged and punched my wiener for no reason. Strange little boy… That was it; today was a good day. I still haven’t seen the announced iPhone 5 yet. It sucks how we don’t have free wifi in this hotel. Today was a good day. 

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