Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cool Stuff #1


You guessed it, another new series. You may be thinking, "here we go again. What could this series be about?" I'd hate to say it but you guessed it again, COOL STUFF!!! 
This brand new series will be about cool stuff. enough said

Today, I will be showing you this thing that I saw on Facebook. The world's quietest room. 
It is called the "anechoic chamber." It is located at Orfield Laboratories. You may be asking, "WTF, how can a room be the quietest?" The answer, its walls absorb 99% of the sound. 
You may predict that I will predict what your questions may be. 
You might be asking, "but how? I'm so confused"    
I tell you, it has three foot thick fiberglass wedges and insulated walls. 

Some guy went in it for a few minutes. He later reported that your body adapts to the environment by gradually picking up smaller and smaller sounds. He said that he could hear his heart beat, your lungs working, and your stomach gurgling. 

People become disoriented and start hallucinating in the room. 

I'm pretty much just paraphrasing the important sentences but if you want to read more, here:


Asian Occasion 


(guess who)

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