Saturday, February 11, 2012


Duh Hullo,

To begin, I would like to tell you what our blog is about, or what its purpose is. Well, my friend (Lawson) and I decided to find a way to express our feelings about being a typical Asian American. Me being Filipino and Lawson being Chinese, we could tell you numerous things about the culture of China and the Philippines. But forget about that, we will be posting cool stuff we find and have that we decide is chill, interesting, or you know.........   ......I don't know.....  I know you may be thinking "Man, why I am I reading this.. I have nothing better to do but look at this weird blog." Yes, I know all of you must be thinking that.

To continue, my friend Lawson and I will also be posting funny, cool stuff we find on the Internet.

Like this cute Asian baby;

Do you see where I'm headed at or do I have to post another picture? Well, you get the point.. Anyways, thanks for even stopping by at this blog. I'm surprised you would even look at this blog. While you're here could you please do us a favor and follow this blog through Google Friend Connect?

With Love and Rice,

Luke and Lawson

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