Saturday, April 14, 2012

Asian Parents 2: Grades

Hello newcomers and members,

Today, as I'm coming to an end of a week of spring break, I would like to talk- should I say discuss, Asian Parents. But this time, grades! I know all of  you Asians out there must keep up with your grades, and you have high expectations from your parents. You get one "B" and you get a lecture. Am I right? Or maybe your parents are so strict that you get an "A-" and you, of course, get another lecture. So, it is safe to say that A stands for Average in terms of Asian grades. Need I say more? Well, check it out in the chart below.

Hmm. Is that familiar to you all Asians? But if  you are a race other than Asian, you may be surprised. You may be even saying "WOW" and you are relieved that YOU do not have an Asian parent.

This is sometimes true in some cases. I know my parents always want me to do the best.

But the real question is, "Is having strict Asian parents good or bad?"

Well, it depends. If you constantly get good grades because of your Asian parents, its good! But if you do not have good grades, and you have strict Asian parents, it may be bad. And if you do not have strict Asian parents and do not have DECENT grades, it is worse.

Sometimes we all need a break. This stereotype SOMETIMES may be true, but to confess, it is tough to constantly get good grades. With all the pressure it is easy to crack. My point is, do your best even if do not have Asian parents. YOU WILL BE REWARDED IN THE END.

On final note, I leave you with two jokes and a phrase.

Asian parent: "Why you get B on test? You not C-sian, you not B-sian, you A-SIAN!
Asian parent: "You get stung by a B? WHY NOT GET STUNG BY AN A?

FOB: Fresh Off the Boat
Referring to Asians coming from their home country and fresh off the boat in America. You can have a fresh off the boat accent, culture, whatever you like! e.x. Your parents are so F.O.B.




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