Friday, September 28, 2012

Big Butt Booger

Just to warn you, this is grody. I don't even know how I got here but here.

Asian Occasion

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chinese Titanium


I have to give a shout out to my buddy Mark for showing me this, Titanium in Chinese! It laughed the netherworld out of me! It would do the same to you if you're Chinese, specifically Cantonese! Enjoy!

P.S. If you're Filipino...idk, ask Luke to do the exact same but in Filipino!


Asian Occasion

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lawson's journal for his trip to Turkey Day 7

here it is. We are half way there.

Day 7: This was pretty much our first day of normal sleep. All the other days, we’ve had to wake up at 7 and since I’ve been journaling, I usually sleep at 2. That almost ended our jetlag. Once we woke up, we started washing our clothes. I had a genius idea where we put all our clothes into the bath/jet tub, adding some shampoo and body washing, and turning on the jets. That worked but not as well as I expected. We’d finish the rest after breakfast. We had a pretty good breakfast. It had most of the things I liked. It was pretty good because it was not as good as the “best one in Athens” but better than the “good breakfast.”
After breakfast, we went to the lobby to check our Facebook, email, and everything that needed Wi-Fi. For some reason, electronics bought from the US cannot connect to Wi-Fi from their room. We went back to our room to finish the laundry. The tub looked disgusting, there was black stuff on the perimeter of it. I thought about it and concluded that it was the bubbles. The bubbles with dirty stuff popped and all the filth went onto the tub. We started a system. I would take the clothes from the tub and rinse them in water, then I would hand it to baba who would twist it dry. A di takes the clothes from baba and sends it to mom who hangs it outside, on the deck. It worked for the first seven pieces of clothing but afterwards, we just rinsed it in the water in the tub. Even though it was dirty, we didn’t really give a crap. When everything we all hung up, our deck looked like a clothes store. I also felt really boater like.
We left our hotel for black and red beach. While trying to look for the red beach, we found a black sand beach, not the black beach and we checked it out. The sand was no good; it was all rocky. We saw something really bad; it was not a good sight, an old lady with saggy boobs topless. It was kind of interesting because living in Seattle; you don’t get to see that everyday.  
Then, we went to the red beach; you had to “hike” for ¼ of a mile through rocks from your car. It’s on the other side of the mountain. The sand there was not sand; they were rocks, big rocks in fact. The average rock there was 6 inches. Since it was a red sand beach, we swam there anyway. That water was not bad, a bit cold and nothing like Cancun. Now, I can say that I’ve swum in the Mediterranean Sea.
We left for the Black Beach after two hours at the Red Beach. We just walked around for about 10 minutes, didn’t swim. Then, we passed by a Gyro place and sold burgers…JUST KIDDING; we had each had a Gyro except for mom who had a cabbage-carrot salad. We then tried to get back to the hotel but baba didn’t follow the sign and went on the Scenic route that was just a loop and brought us back to where we went in.
We then went to Uncle Andy’s and Aunty Diana’s hotel again and they weren’t there (dad’s friends). We went back to the hotel for a di to change get some wittie titties. He wore his swimming trunks and forgot to bring his pants. We rushed to Oia to see the sunset. We didn’t get to the place to see the sunset because on our way there, we saw this awesome view with the white washed houses with blue roofs. We took pictures there for like…15 MINUTES, so we missed the sunset.
We got to the city center at 8 and dinner was at 9:15 so we headed west. The roads for pedestrians in Santorini have many steps so we went up and down and up and down. It was already dark so the lights from the restaurant and hotels lit up the city. While we were walking back, we saw a rock platform. It was super dark and there were many corners (no roof though). We continued going in and found this beautiful view of the city. It was a sight to see. We wanted to stay longer but had to go to dinner.
The restaurant we were eating at was right across from the one we ate at the night before. So while we were waiting, mom went to the last restaurant to get Wi-Fi to do what she does. The others came at around 9:25. The reservation was for six people and it was six because it didn’t include di and I. I felt like I was invading the adult’s time. I thought it would be an awkward dinner but it was not too bad. The food was good and the other people were very nice and kid friendly. We went back to the hotel after dinner and just like the usual, we didn’t shower or anything and went straight to bed. Good Day. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lawson's journal for his trip to Turkey Day 6

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Day 6: Baba woke me up at 5:30. I showered, packed and went downstairs with a di to play with the Kinect. I didn’t play once we got downstairs and a Di went to take a crap because the bathroom in our room smells like CRAP, literally. Baba and mom came downstairs 10 minutes after we did. We waited for the cab that the hotel called for us. The driver gave us a flat rate of 22 Euros to the seaport. Baba wanted to use the meter but he said it’s the same thing. Baba told him to turn on the meter just like yesterday and sure enough, he was right. This driver did take any “long cuts”. We got there 30 minutes before our departure.
Our boat was called the Sea Jet. It is suppose to be the faster ones to get to Santorini, 4 hours rather than 7. Our seats smelled REALLY bad. I sat on the aisle seat so I could stick my head away but a di had to suffer. He said it smelled like vomit. Mom thought the boat wouldn’t be too full and told us to switch seats once we departed. There weren’t many options but we sat in the seat right behind baba and mom’s. It was better but we could still smell the faint smell. I started journaling because there was no Wi-Fi and I didn’t have anything to else to do.
We arrived in Santorini at 12. We looked for a taxi to get to the hotel but some guy said he’d rent us a car for 25 Euros each day. That’s a pretty good deal but being Asian, my dad said, “twenty” and the guy agreed. Since the rental place didn’t have any cars for us, they drove us to the hotel and said they would drive the car to our hotel. Our driver was a refugee from Georgia. We said he was unhappy here because he didn’t make much money. I felt really bad for him, so did baba so he tipped him.
The hotel was called Astro Palace. We got complimentary ice tea while baba negotiated for a suite. The suite cost 90 Euros extra but it was a good deal and we got it. The guy that led us to our room carried 4 luggages’, what a boss. We waited for the car in our room for a while. Then, we juts got too hungry and chose to take a taxi to the center of town. We asked the receptionist something (I forgot what) and it ended up only being a 10-minute walk away. We went for some Chinese food right away, I’m just that Asian. The restaurant was called Asia Club. The owner spoke Mandarin, which my parents also know and they talked a lot. He said people in Santorini that have restaurants work pretty much “non-stop” for three hectic months, five low season months, and don’t work for four months. (no tourist)
We then walked around in that town, Fira, looked for some hotels with view, took some pictures (typical Asian), and went back to the hotel. Our car arrived but the receptionist said it came at 5, when it was suppose to be there at 3. The lady that worked there told us that we needed to file a complaint and that she would help us. Baba gave his name and some other info and the lady did the rest. Baba napped and mom and di went swimming. I watched some CNN and BBC, the news was either about Libya shootings (US embassy), protest about the anti-Muslim movie, or Kate Middleton’s topless photos.
Thirty minutes later, we left the hotel and headed towards Oia, the second largest city on the island. We walked around the city; it’s a little more quite than Fira but it’s still really nice. We ate dinner at a restaurant. We had Chicken, Shrimp, and two other things. After dinner, we walked back to our car. A di said that we need to turn here to get to the parking lot but baba didn’t listen to di and continued walking. We ended up in an alley for the residents to get to their houses, pretty much lost. We just kept walking in the “right direction” and a dog started following us. Baba “notched” the dog away but it would always come back. Then finally, we saw three dudes that were also going to their car. They told us to follow them and brought us back to our car. Di and I slept on the ride back to the hotel and we didn’t even shower when we arrived, we just brushed our teeth and went to bed. Good day.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Lawson's journal for his trip to Turkey Day 5

Good Morning.

Here is my fifth day.

Day 5: We woke up and checked out right away to go to the ancient city of Corinth 25 minutes away from our hotel. On our way there, we stopped at a bakery; we got a sweet tart on the outside with something like rice pudding on the inside and something with sausages on the inside and tart on the outside. I liked the one with ham in it; the other one tasted funky.
Ancient Corinth is suppose to be where Paul (saint) lived and preached. It was not as cool as I thought it would be; we only saw pieces of stuff, if you will, that was scattered all around. There were also many dogs that followed you around which I don’t like because I have a fear of dogs. We were only there for like, 15 minutes and then we went to a castle-like village that we saw from the ground.
It was a fortified village with many walls built around the time of 70 B.C. It’s like a mini Great Wall with a village in the walls. They had a lot of tapered holes in the wall for arrows, I think (they wouldn’t have had guns).
We started heading back to Athens after that. I forgot why but baba asked if we knew what job gets you the most money. A di and I didn’t know and he told us it was investment banking. I thought it might be easy money because all you need to do is go to a good college; start working at a well-known investment banking company and you’re set. I think I found my new dream job. It took us approximately an hour to get back to Athens.
First, we went to return our rental car because we didn’t need it anymore. We hopped on a cab from Avis (rental car company) and the guy said it was one flat rate of 15 Euros and luggage also cost more. We thought it was kind of strange and baba told him to turn on the meter to make sure. He was brilliant, since we turned on the meter, he took us to China town and we drove around there for about ten minutes. We were actually really surprised that there was a China town. He started heading back to the hotel when the meter hit 13 Euros and when we got to the hotel, the final price was 15 Euros. He did this so it looked like the flat rate was reasonable. We were very disappointed. We knew he ripped us off and we also knew he knew too but he didn’t admit it. He said every other cap does the same, which was not true. If we didn’t go with him and went in a cab that used the meter, the price wouldn’t go over 10 Euros and wouldn’t cost extra for the luggage. Baba talked to him for 10 minutes about us feeling ripped off but he didn’t do anything about it.
We dropped off our stuff in the room and left for where we were the first day we were in Athens, the food place. We walked around down this road and a guy, I call Van Greecal, (he looked a lot like Van Diesel and he was Greek) lured us in his restaurant with free drinks for everyone. Baba liked the deal so we ate there. It was the first restaurant we walk by. Then we walked around and went back to the hotel. Mom and di went swimming and I didn’t because the pool wasn’t heat and was fricken cold but I hung out by the pool to start on my journal. I did a little more research on Investment Banking.
Did you know Goldman Sachs has more than 900 billion dollars in total assets? …and Morgan Stanley has 800 billion dollars? That’s a LOT of money; you could buy 2 billion xbox 360s 250g with Oregon. Mom and di only swam for 20 minutes and went back to the room and found baba still napping. I got really tired and napped for like 5 minutes until we left the hotel to eat dinner. I was hecksa tired but I still went because it was our last night in Athens and I didn’t want to wait it sleeping in the hotel. I asked baba where we were going and he told me Pobloso, (not really, I just forgot the name) a busy area that we haven’t been to. We took the cab and when we arrived, baba’s like, “WHAT?! This is Plaka!” It turned out that Pobloso is the area across the street from Bongdal. We walked around Pobloso; there were many bars and club. We also saw some prostitutes at the entrance of the metro station waiting for “clients”. I felt a bit of insecurity while I was walking. We started walking to Bongdal afterwards and walked up a hill that we walked on the first day in Athens. We wanted to eat at Chocolat but there was no more room on the roof so we went next door to Thisiso. We sat right on the edge and had an amazing view of the Acropolis. It was just beautiful. Di and I both got a mushroom and cherry tomato linguini. I thought it was decent but it was one of the better meals I had in Greece; more like what I normally eat. We took a cab back to the hotel and I just…slept, no shower no nothing. It was a good day.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

100th POST

HELLO FOLLOWERS! (if you're still there)

Can you believe this madness? Can you believe this trickery witchcraft that has been bestowed upon our daily, internet-social lives? You read the title, it is ASIAN OCCASION'S "100th POST."



Just yesterday I remember my first post, the introduction. I put a picture of an Asian baby saying "OH HERRO PREASE!" Or something like that.

You know what also recently occurred? 10k VIEWS. That's right, when people ask me, "Hey Luke, how many page views does your stupid blog have?"

I can respond confidently with, "Oh Hey nimrod, Asian Occasion has over 10k views now." And I, in that glory of excellence, would actually feel good about myself. I am actually pretty happy right now, in fact, VERY happy.

Do you know why? Well, not to be the guy who answers his own questions here and sounds like a complete idiot, Lawson and I have stayed strong over this Asian Occasion blog we have. We have had emotional roller coasters through this experience that changed our lives forever.

Just kidding. It didn't have that much of an impact. Anyway, we actually have gone through a lot of problems with this blog. There was a period in time when AO only got 2 views a day, and when we were lucky, 3 views. Now we are really heating things up by racking up over 55-60 page views a day. Heck yeah.

Lawson and I were also thinking about starting a new blog, in our most desperate moments, but we could not even dare to think of a name that was catchier and cheesier than Asian Occasion.

I kind of feel like I am writing a graduation speech. (from Harvard? jk jk)

Actually, I would like you to read this post as if you were listening to a graduation speech, (not the boring ones).

I would like to thank my "business" partner, Lawson, for putting up with me, giving me the most innovative ideas ever, and always having an entrepreneurial attitude in the making of this blog. I would like to thank some of my friends, for following this blog after I forced them to and making of my ultima-fan base of 44 members. Lastly, I would like to thank the fans (just like what they say at the Grammy's) and all those random page viewers who stumbled upon our brilliant blogspot blog.





Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lawson's journal for his trip to Turkey Day 4

You know what it is.

Day 4: I woke up somewhere between six and seven o’clock because I sleep early last night, 11 rather than 3. That kind of ended my jetlag. Today, the hotel operated normally, meaning that we had to eat breakfast at the lounge that served “good breakfast” and not “the best breakfast in Athens.” The lounge breakfast had very similar food to the main restaurant but it had 4-5 times less food. I was okay with it though. The outside had a really nice view (you could see the Parthenon) but the sun was really hot as well so mom, di and I went inside after 10 minutes of letting the sun burn my neck.
A di is a…doesn’t do stuffer. He didn’t write his journal yesterday so mom brought him down right after breakfast and took him back to the room to write about yesterday. Meanwhile, I got an email from Oscar pertaining to the announcement of the new ipod touch, ipod nano, and the iphone 5. The iphone 5 was just stupid, doesn’t have anything that makes you go WOW! The ipod nano is just like the ipod touch with less capabilities. The ipod touch is very…colorful now. It’s actually kind of cool, you get the screen of the new iphone 5 and everything else but the phone. Has it always been this way? I think so. J Baba and I departed downstairs once our wi-fi voucher expired, took our luggage and headed for Loutraki, Corinth.
We made one stop before the hotel, it was at the Corinth canal. It was so deep from where we were. To get you an idea of the height; you could bungy jump there. The first thing we have been doing when we arrive at places is look for Wi-Fi and thankfully, there was. Not many places in Greece have free Wi-Fi. We next settled into our room and found some amazing chocolate. It tasted so good; it was milk chocolate with some milk-like cream inside and a piece of wafer. We said we’d leave in 15 minutes to drive around the city before baba turned on the tv and started watching Kitchen Nightmare.
Kitchen Nightmare is a show were Gordan Ramsay goes to restaurants that taste like crap and help them fix it up by appearance and food. In Greece, they don’t sensor anything so we got to hear exactly what they said. It was really cool and if you’ve watched Hell’s Kitchen or MasterChef, you’d know how much Chef Ramsay swears.
 An hour later, when the show ended, we drove along the beach and found a pizza joint and ate there. The pizza was not good, coming from an American. After lunch, we went to the bank and got some cash and traveled back to the hotel.
Once we got back, di, mom, and I went downstairs to swim and baba stayed in the room to sleep. I didn’t swim because there were no hot tubs.  Actually, there were at least 4 hot tubs but the water was as cold as the normal pools. The only thing I did was sauna and go in the Turkish bath with mom. A di didn’t sauna or Turkish bath because there was a sign that said, “children under 15 are not allowed to use the following facilities: sauna, Turkish bath, hot tubs.” A Turkish bath is like a steam room but there is a little fountain at the end of the octagonal room and it’s lights inside that change colors (not that bright).
2 hours later, we went back up to our room, baba was still sleeping. Since I left my phone in the car with only 15 percent battery left, I suggested that we go somewhere farther (so I could get my phone) …and we did. GENIUS! We asked a hotel receptionist and he introduced us to a restaurant right next to the beach. Once we sat down, I just crashed and fell into a deep sleep. They woke me up when the food arrived and told me to help them take a picture.
I was very grouchy and was very reluctant to help my parents take the picture.  It was served seafood which is not my style of eating, no RICE! I was ok with it though because my parents wanted to go and it was their 14th anniversary. What a sad anniversary, having to celebrate with their kids… J We walked around the beach after dinner for about 10 minutes and then back to the car. We drove home afterwards and I started writing my day but I fell asleep, forgot to save my draft, and my mom shut my laptop…JUST KIDDING! I finished it tomorrow. Today was a good day. 


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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lawson's journal for his trip to Turkey Day 3

Here is day 3.

Day 3: Today, we woke up at 8 to eat the “best breakfast in Athens”, guaranteed. Our 87 Euro deal included breakfast but it wasn’t suppose to be breakfast at the main restaurant downstairs which had the best breakfast in Athens, it was just…a good breakfast. The best breakfast in Athens is suppose to be 30 Euros per adult and 18 Euros per child/youth but we got it for free because there was a strike going on and the breakfast included couldn’t run with a few people so they sent us down to the main restaurant for breakfast. I was really excited to eat the best breakfast in Athens and I’m not gonna lie, it was an awesome breakfast but not the best I’ve had. That only concludes one thing; Athens doesn’t have good breakfast. After breakfast, mom, di, and I went down to the swimming pool. Mom knew that you could get to the pool from the lobby but a di, being brilliant saw that next to the 1 in the elevator, meaning level one (lobby is 0), it said “access to pool.” Once we got out of the “lift”, we saw a door that said, “pool access”. The funny thing was that right under that sign had another sign saying, “fire exit”. We were all afraid that the alarm would go off but I decided to man up and push on the door. I slowly pushed on the handle, the door opened, and the alarm went off…NOT! The pool was really cold, says a Di and mom. There was also no hot tub and I don’t like swimming so I went back up to the room. Once I got in, baba kicked me out and told me to go to the lounge to get something for him to eat and drink. I personally HATE riding elevators by myself because I always have that feeling that the elevator is gonna stop, lose power, just drop and not stop dropping. Thankfully, when I was waiting for my elevator, a Di and mom came up and I got a Di to go up with me. The lounge wasn’t opened yet when we got there because of the strike so we went back into our room foodless. Then, we decided to go to the Acropolis. Mom wasn’t happy because she wanted to go later. She doesn’t like the sun and at noon, that’s when the sun is the highest and hottest. He took the cab and had to walk up a hill and buy tickets. The line was really long and it was out in the sun. We first saw the ampli-theater, a really old stage that amplifies the sound without using a mic. Then we took at least 50 pictures at the entrance to the temples and got in 30 minutes later. We also saw our Hong Kong “friends” that we met at the airport and helped them take some pictures and they also helped us take some pictures. A lot of the columns needed support and there was a lot of construction going on so we didn’t get to see what it was intended to look like. Some didn’t have construction and it was just stunning. The Parthenon was a lot bigger in real life than in pictures. I could just imagine what it looked like 2300 years ago when it was still new, the marble must’ve been bleached white and smooth. Finally, we went to Mars hill, the beginning of Christianity in Greece. All in all, we were there for about 2-3-4 hours. Coming down, we saw the Sightseeing Bus and became interested. It was 18 Euros per adult and 8 per child/youth. We all wanted to but it seemed a bit expensive and unnecessary because we already had a car so we started walking away. Two minutes later, we decided to get on. We all agreed that it was a waste of money when we got off at the place where we had dinner yesterday. We were only on the bus for 20 minutes and don’t think we will get back on (24 valid receipt). I got a bottle of water for 50 Euros and baba got a gyro for 2 Euros. Afterwards, we walked to the main street and took a cab back to the hotel. We went up to the lounge and they sort of ate dinner. I was rice hungry so we drove to China’s. I slept once again on the ride. China’s is an Asian restaurant with a Greek owner, Greek Chefs, Greek Waiter, and a Filipino Waitress. She talked to us for a while about the business, economy and how the Chinese from China are rude. Kind of funny the way she said it. The food was the best I’ve have on the trip so far. I feel like a fob now, if I don’t get my servings of rice, I don’t perform well and get a feeling like I’m missing something or something’s wrong, anxiety? J On the way back to the hotel, a Di saw that I used the neck pillow but didn’t put it back in the case and just raged and punched my wiener for no reason. Strange little boy… That was it; today was a good day. I still haven’t seen the announced iPhone 5 yet. It sucks how we don’t have free wifi in this hotel. Today was a good day. 

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