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Haw oar yuo gise? This is a page that shows our personal life. We are pretty boss and our life is also pretty BOSS! If you want to comment a video about your life, you can post a video on youtube and comment the link below. We would like to know more about our followers. To prove that, we will tell you about our life.

This is a video of my baby sister trying to fall asleep-

This is the life of bloggers. We hang on the edge. Support us so that we can go on more of these trips.

Who: Luke and Lawson
What: hiking
When: Saturday, 03/24/2012
Where: Rattlesnake Ledge
Why: to hang out
Summary: Luke and Lawson went hiking on the 24th of March at Rattlesnake Ledge because they wanted to hang out.    THIS IS A TRUE NINGER SUMMARY!

This video is about me kicking my brother to make my sister laugh. IT'S BOSS.
BTW, that is my grandma, not my mom.
I am Lawson Wong.

What is popping fools? Sorry, sometimes I try to hard to have "swagger" or whatever that trickery is.. Anyways, check out this video of my sister playing soccer and scoring her first goal. Pretty chill if you ask me.

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