1. What inspired you to make Asian Occasion?
One day, Lawson and I were chatting on Gmail, and wanted to find a way to earn money, but in a fun kind of way. We put our heads together and came up with an idea of a blog, Asian Occasion. We would post all sorts of funny, random, interesting stuff and when we would get 1,000 page views, we would put on Google AdSense. AdSense allows viewers to click on ads and the blog-creators would get about $0.50-$1.00 for every click. We also wanted to speak for all the young Asian Americans out there and make the blog appealing for them so that they could visit often. Anyways, we also wanted to find a fun way to get money, and start a miniature "business." So, we ended up with Asian Occasion.

2. How do you make a blog like Asian Occasion?
All you need is a Google account and your ready to go. Just click on the "B" that looks like this-

and click  "Create Blog." It's pretty simple from there. If you would like to add widgets, like a pageview widget that counts all of your pageviews every time a person visits the blog, then click on "Layout" and "Add a Gadget." There are a whole bunch of gadgets/widgets that you can choose from, including clocks, polls, recent comments and followers.

3. What kind of Asian are you anyways?
I (Luke) am 100% Filipino and Lawson is 100% Chinese.

4. Who are your role models in terms of making funny, random, interesting blogs?
Lawson and I like the Asians on YouTube like NigaHiga, Kevjumba, theDOMINICshow, the Fung Bros, and Wong Fu Productions.

5. What kind of stuff are you looking forward to do in the near future?
We would also like to make videos, so you can see how it is like from two Asian-American middle schoolers' point of view. Of course, our inspiration of making videos comes from YouTube and all the funny stuff on there.

6. How can I be a part of Asian Occasion?
There are many ways you can be a part of Asian Occasion... For example-
1. Follow our blog and receive emails from every time we post something. You can do this by scrolling down and on the RIGHT side, click "Join this Site" using your Gmail or Yahoo account.
2. +1, Like, Share, whatever you can think of on our posts. We need all of the kind support! You can also comment on our posts,
3. GIVE US IDEAS! We are always looking for a good idea. As a matter of fact, Lawson and I STRUGGLE to find good ideas and we always have a back-up post just in case we can't find a good idea. E-mail us at cantorwong@gmail.com and give us your awesome ideas.
4. Share our blog to everyone you know that would be interested. People say "Word of Mouth" advertising is always the best, so share ASIAN OCCASION TO THE WORLD!

I would sure like to add more FAQs to the list, so just give any suggestions you might have. 


Wait, I forgot, tell us any new page ideas for us to create. Like "Yo-yo Tricks" or something like that. I'm always looking forward to teach people my awesome yo-yo tricks. J

Just kidding, I don't even know any good yo-yo tricks except for "Walk the Dog" and stuff. I should learn how to play yo-yo though, because as you might know, the Philippines were the first inventors of the yo-yo. Did they use it as a toy? 

Yes NO. They used as a weapon in their military. YES, that is fact.



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