Asian Fails

This is the life!...of the Chinese Triads. 

There is always a sign right in front of the library that says, "200 hallway closed for lunch kids." I didn't care because I'm a fricken kninjha. While I was walking there, this guy comes up to me and says, "come over here, there is a sign right here, WRITTEN IN ENGLISH that says, '200 hallway closed for lunch kids'. So I'm a fricken polite kninjha and walks to the sign and started staring at it. Then, after about 7 seconds, the retarded white guy says, " know how to read english, RIGHT?" I don't say anything. and he's like, "DO", "YOU" (POINTS AT ME), "KNOW" (POINTS TO HIS BRAIN), "HOW", "TO", "SPEAK" (OPENS HIS MOUTH, PUTS HIS HANDS ON EITHER SIDE OF HIS MOUTH AND STARTS ROTATING THEM), "ENGLISH"!!!

I then walked away from him, hold me urine, and went to the library. When I was at the library, I was thinking, should I report this guy for thinking that all Asians don't know how to read/speak english? What do you guys think? Post your comment below.

De Helro, this is the new way to eat a banana. You cut off the tip of the banana (1). Rub the banana in you hands until the inside is all liquidy (2). Insert the banana into your mouth (3) and...SQUEEZE (4). The bananizz, A.K.A banana juice, will squirt into your mouth and will spread in your mouth (5). It is sweet! 

FYI, my 9 year old brother taught me this. He said, "grandma cut off the tip so that it could be easily peeled. ROTFL  
P.S. To have a little fun with this, replace the numbers inside the parenthesis in my paragraph above. Put in words that make sense. The first one is done for you, 1= circumcision. 

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