Monday, July 8, 2013

The Best Food, Asian Food

Asians eat weird things. Face it. We do. Although it is an offensive stereotype, it is mostly a true stereotype. But I'm proud of it. This is the reason why Asian cuisine is so good, it is unique, different, and delicious. Asian delicacies are the best delicacies.

Balut- originates from the Philippines

Asians of all sorts, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Japanese, Filipino, Malaysian, Singaporean, Indonesian, Thai, even Indians, have been eating the unusual since way back when. Whether century egg, drunken shrimp, or fried squid, us Asians have been cooking the unusual since the age of the Dynasties, and farther back.

Drunken Shrimp- originates from China  It is literally drunk shrimp, swimming in a pool of hard liquor

 Many people shiver at the thought of some Asian foods. This is why some Asian dishes are named falsely. Filipinos, for one, have a dish called chocolate meat (diniguan in Tagalog).You may think "Oh, chocolate, that's not so bad" but chocolate meat is actually pork blood, which acts as a stew for the pork. It's kind of like gravy for mashed potatoes. Filipinos jokingly call it chocolate meat to make non-Filipinos want to eat it.

To conclude, although some of these Asian dishes are weird, it's just part of our culture to us. All Asians should embrace their culture, especially when it comes to food, which is arguably the best kind of food there is, regardless if it's weird or not. Lesson of the day, embrace your stereotypes, because they may be awesome.

And lastly, I'll leave you with a video about weird Asian food from our favorite channels on YouTube, the Fung Brothers- "Asians Eat Weird Things"


Asian Occasion


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